Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tirador (Slingshot)

Director: Brillante Ma. Mendoza

Coco Martin - Caloy
Nathan Lopez - Leo
Kristoffer King - Rex
Jiro Manio - Odie
Jacklyn Jose - Zeny
Nico Taverna
Jean Andrews
Julio Diaz
Simon Ibarra
Harold Montano
Angela Ruiz

Tirador or "slingshot", is an independent film by Brillante Mendoza. The Centerstage Productions movie illustrates politics and faith in the Philippines, as well as the plight of the Filipino people who live in poverty. Tirador has been shown at different film festivals in Toronto, Singapore, Granada, Pusan and in Marrakesh where it won the International Special Jury Prize. Tirador refers to somebody who makes a hit (tira); it may refer to a hired killer, drug addict or thief.

The movie is about the intertwined lives of Caloy, Leo, Rex and Odie. All of them live in the depressed slum area of Quiapo, Manila. The film takes place during Holy Week amidst the 2007 elections. It represents Manila as swarming with criminals -- snatchers, pickpockets, drug pushers, shoplifters and the like. However, these petty criminals are portrayed as nothing compared to the corrupt, hypocritical politicians who make false promises, exploit poverty and call on God for help.

The film was shot with hidden cameras to make it the film more realistic. It was shot during the actual Quiapo Feast of San Nazareno.
Gawad Urian (2008)
  • Best Sound
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Film
  • Best Supporting Actress- Angela Ruiz
  • Best Director- Brillante Mendoza
Asian Film Awards (2008)
  • Best Editor- Charliebebs Gohetia (Nominated)
Berlin International Film Festival (2008)
  • Caligari Film Award- Brillante Mendoza
Marrakech International Film Festival (2007)
  • Special Jury Award- Brillante Mendoza
  • Golden Star- Brillante Mendoza (Nominated)
Singapore International Film Festival (2008)
  • FIPRESCI/NETPAC Award- Brillante Mendoza
  • Silver Screen Award (Best Asian Director)
  • Best Asian Feature Film 
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    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Lamog (Bruised)

    Another independent movie to watch from Direk Carlo Alvarez - director of the movie Regalo

    Lamog (Bruised) tells the story of a  family that falls into turmoil as the son defies his abusive father in order to protect the people he loves. It  stars Emil Sandoval, Ace Castro, Ruth Russel, Chris Evert, Maribel Esteban, Ramil Sumangil and Maui Taylor.

    Showing starting May 4, 2011 at Robinsons Galleria Cinema and other select cinemas around Metro Manila.